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Weighing Indicator XK3190-A1+p adopts A/D conversion Technology, with built-in printer.
Widely applied in electronic bench scale, floor scale, and so on. weighing system equipped with 1- 4 load cell.

With Built-in 16 row micro printer
Able to set up zero (auto/manual) range
With date and time display (note: no power no save)
Save accumulation result manually
Weighing data save protection in case of power off
Can choose one of  2 print out format by change the micro processor chip

A/D conversion method: Double integral
A/D conversion speed : ≥ 5 times/sec.
Input signal range: 1mV ~ 24mV
Input sensitivity: ≥ 1 μV/e
Load cell excitation: DC12V
Max.connection number of load cell: 4 at 350 ohm
Load cell connection mode: 4 wire
Verified counts: 3000
Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
Display: 7 bits LED, 7 status indications
Display range: -99990 ~ 99990 (d=10)
Clock: software clock, clock data lose on power off
Score board interface (standard) :
       * Serial sending signal by current loop with baud rate 600
       * Transmission distance: ≤ 50 meters

Communication interface (RS -232 C standard)
       * Serial communication interface with selectable baud rate by continuous sending method or on command method
       * Transmission distance: RS-232C ≤ 30 meters
       * Baud rate: 600/1200/2400/4800/9600

Power supply: AC 187~242V, 49 ~ 51 Hz