jual Indicator Timbangan A7 Excellent daftar harga Indicator Timbangan A7 Excellent

Weighing Indicator A7, widely applied in conversion mechanic - electronic scale (hybrid scale).
Indicator A7+, widely applied in bench scale , floor scale , and so on. weighing system equipped with 1- 4 at 350 ohm load cell.

Indicator A7 built-in load cell and hook for link with mechanic scale to be conversion  mechanic - electronic scale (hybrid scale)
There are 3 capacity of built-in load cell :
     * 40kg can use for capacity 150kg - 300kg
     * 60kg can use for capacity 300kg - 500kg
     * 120kg can use for capacity 600kg - 1000kg

High precison A/D conversion with max. external counts 15000
Call and display inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
Set-up zero tracking range, zero (auto/manual) range and zero speed
Indicating for battery volume or status
Protection for low battery
AC/DC power supply with built-in rechargeable 12V/2.8Ah battery

A/D conversion method: Double integral
A/D conversion speed : 12 - 15 times/sec.
Max. A/D conversion: about 500000
Input signal range: 0mV ~ 16mV
Input sensitivity: ≥ 2 μV/e
Load cell excitation: DC 8V; I ≤150mA
Max.connection number of load cell: 1 at 350 ohm (A7) , 4 at 350 ohm (A7+)
Load cell connection mode: 4 wire
Verified counts: 3000
Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
Display: 6 bits LED, 6 status indications
Display range: 0 ~ 999990 (d=10)
Power supply : AC 187~242V, 49 ~ 51 Hz and

                                 DC  rechargeable battery 12V/2.8Ah