Indicator Timbangan E8A Excellent

jual Indicator Timbangan E8A Excellent

Weighing Indicator EX - E8A, widely applied in electronic bench scale, floor scale , and so on. Weighing system equipped with 1- 4 at 350 ohm load cell.

Single window with 2 inch height highlight LED display, The real “BIG EYES”
Peak value holding ( for testing device )
Average value holding ( for animal weighing )
Auto/manual accumulate
Four grades battery indication, low power alarm, and auto power off
High - Low limits alarm function, with HIGH - OK - LOW indications
Auto sleep function
Preset Tare
High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
AC/DC power supply with built-in rechargeable 6V/4Ah battery
RS- 232 interface with selectable baud rate (communication to PC and score board RS232 way)
With score board communication interface 20mA current loop way
Optional software weight management “ Genweigh ”
Optional relay 3 output board ( for Tower lamp 3 color + buzzer or applied for semi automatic weighing system )

Precision grade: 3 grades                                              
Max. division: 30000
Input signal range: -19mV ~ +19mV
Conversion rate more than 10 times/sec.
Non linear ≤0.0015%
Max.connection number of load cell: 4 at 350 ohm
Load cell connection mode: 6 wire
Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50 (selectable)
Score board interface (standard):
      * Serial sending signal by current loop with baud rate 600
      * Transmission distance: ≤ 200 meters

Serial communication interface (RS -232 C standard)
       * Transmission distance:  ≤ 30 meters
       * Baud rate: 600/1200/2400/4800/9600

Power supply: AC 220V, 50 , 60Hz (-2% ~ +2%)
Operation temperature: -10˚C ~ 40˚C

Storage/transportation temperature: 25˚C ~ 55˚C