Indicator Timbangan UScell USI 9 AP

jual Indicator Timbangan UScell USI 9 APdaftar harga indikator timbangan UScell

LED + TFT double display
User friendly operation two-dimensional rolling menu bar management
Featured interface : Ethernet  connector, USB connector, PS/2 keyboard socket, able to operate by PC keyboard
A/D conversion method: Σ-Δ
A/D conversion speed: 50~200times/sec
Input signal range: -20mV ~ 20mV
Max. connection number of load cell: 12 at 350ohm or 24 at 700ohm
Load cell connection mode: 6 wires, auto compensation for long distance
Verified counts: 5000
High precision AD conversion
Non-linearity correction, calibration tolerance correction
Clock: real clock without effect when power off
Able to edit English letter referring to a numeric-letter table (ASCII table), able to download English  letter through PC
Able to save 1000 weighing records, 1000 truck record consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight: 1000 goods records
Able to set up print  function for auto/manual, no condition/under condition , daily/sorted statistic report printing
Score board interface (standard) : serial sending by 20mA current loop with baud rate 600, transmission distance ≤ 2000maters
Communication interface (RS232 C standard: RS422 )  with selectable baud rate by continuous sending method or command method
Optional weighing management software ( Software Scale Think )
Print interface (standard) with parallel sending , able to connect with wide-line printer model KX-P1121, KX-P1131, LQ300K, micro printer for model USI-9AP
Able to display and print goods name; truck ID and customer name
Shortcut key for truck ID/goods ID, etc

Power supply: AC 110~220V , 50~60HZ, currency 0.3A , DC 6V/10Ah battery (optional)