Timbangan Analytical Excellent HZK Series

jual Timbangan Analytical Excellent HZK Series

Spring magnetic sensor
LCD with backlight
Digital multi point linear revised, Auto fault diagnosis
Over load protection, four level anti shock
Easy to operate with five keys designed
Selectable weighing units
Build in Hook
Allocate the RS-232 interface

HZK - 110g        110g           0.1mg
HZK - 210g        210g           0.1mg

Power supply: AC 220V (± 10%) / 50 Hz
Reading Precision: 0.1mg
Repeatability: ± 0.1mg
Linearity: ± 0.2mg
Ambient temperature: 20 oC ± 2.5 oC
Warm-up time: 120-180m
Pan size: Ø90mm
Shape size: 203(W) x 458(L) x 300(H)mm
Carton size: 515(W) x 310(L) x 390(H)mm
Gross weight/pcs: 13.2kg