Timbangan Hybrid Excellent HD A7 Big

jual Timbangan Hybrid Excellent HD A7 Big

Easy to read (0.8”) High bright Red LED Display
Rugged construction suitable for industrial environment.
With AC/DC supply power , built in rechargeable battery
Heavy duty , environmentally protected load cell
Anti shock
Features and specification of indicator, see the catalog of the indicator  
According the function have 6 option model indicator : A7 / A12E / A1+p / A9+p / A15E / 315A1
Platform  ,  90cm  x  120cm kap. 1000kg  x  0.2kg
Platform  , 120cm x  150cm kap. 2000kg  x  0.5kg
Platform  , 120cm x  170cm kap. 3000kg  x 1 kg
Platform  , 120cm x  170cm kap. 5000kg  x 2 kg