Timbangan Digital Super H20 Tahan Air

jual Timbangan digital Super H20 Tahan Air daftar harga Timbangan Super H20 Tahan Air

Plastic housing with stainless steel plater
Water proof IP68
Double displays LED 0.56” high
Hi Ok Lo limit function
Suitable for production line with anti vibration
Suitable using for weigh seafood
Suitable using in cold storage room
Can weigh into the water

Model                        Capacity        Division
Super H2O - 3kg          3kg               0.2g
Super H2O - 6kg          6kg               0.5g
Super H2O - 15kg       15kg              1g
Super H2O - 30kg       30kg              2g

Working temperature: -5˚C - +35˚C
Storage temperature: -25˚C - +50˚C
Power supply : AC 220v(+/- 10%) + DC 6v/5Ah Rechargeable battery     
Pan size : 175 (W) x 210(L)mm
Shape size : 260(W) x 230(L) x 150(H)mm
Carton size : 260(W) x 300(L) x 170(H)mm
Gross weight /pcs : 4 kg