Jual Wooden Sieve

Wooden Sieve
(item code : RA-400)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 22 x 22 x 6.5 cm
Gross Weight
: 0.75 kg

For determining grain size distribution of soil particles or sand / gravel.
Stainless steel frame 8″ dia.
RA-400 A
Wooden Sieve 4″
Mesh 101.6 opening
RA-401 A
Wooden Sieve 3 1/2″
Mesh 88.9 mm opening
RA-402 A
Wooden Sieve 3″
Mesh 76.2 mm opening
RA-403 A
Wooden Sieve 2 1/2″
Mesh 62.5 mm opening
RA-404 A
Wooden Sieve 2″
Mesh 50.8 mm opening
RA-405 A
Wooden Sieve 1 3/4″
Mesh 44.4 mm opening
RA-406 A
Wooden Sieve 1 1/2″
Mesh 38.1 mm opening
RA-407 A
Wooden Sieve 1 1/4″
Mesh 31.7 mm opening
RA-408 A
Wooden Sieve 1″
Mesh 25.4 mm opening
RA-409 A
Wooden Sieve 7/8″
Mesh 22.2 mm opening
RA-410 A
Wooden Sieve 3/4″
Mesh 19.0 mm opening
RA-411 A
Wooden Sieve 5/8″
Mesh 15.8 mm opening
RA-412 A
Wooden Sieve 1/2″
Mesh 12.7 mm opening
RA-413 A
Wooden Sieve 7/16″
Mesh 11.1 mm opening
RA-414 A
Wooden Sieve 3/8″
Mesh 9.5 mm opening
RA-415 A
Wooden Sieve 5/16″
Mesh 7.9 mm opening
RA-416 A
Wooden Sieve 1/4″
Mesh 6.3 mm opening
RA-418 A
Wooden Sieve # 4
Mesh 4.75 mm opening

Jual Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregate Test Set

Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregate Test Set (item code : RA-825)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 85 x 50 x 130 cm
Gross Weight
: 60 kg

ASTM C-127
For determining specific gravity and water absorption of coarse aggregate.
Dunagan Balance
Consist of :
Mounting Table
Welded steel table, elevated container support.
1 Set
Water Container
Galvanized container, 20 ltr capacity.
1 Pc
Heavy Duty Solution Balance
20 kg capacity, 1 gr sensitivity supplied complete with weights.
1 Set
Sample Basket
# 8 mesh, 200 mm dia., 200 mm height.
1 Pc

Also required, but not part of this set :
RA-105 Sample Splitter
RG-174 Drying Oven
RG-303 Square Pan
RG-750 Quartering Canvas
RG-801 Scoop

Jual Sand Equivalent Test Set

Sand Equivalent Test Set
(item code : RA-600)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 70 x 50 x 20 cm
Gross Weight
: 20 kg

ASTM D-2419
For indicating relative proportion of clay like material and fine dust in granular soil or graded aggregate.
Graduated Cylinder
Transparent fibre glass, 1 1/4″ i.d, 1 1/2″ o.d 17″ height, with scale.
2 Pcs
Stoper Assembly
Rubber Stoper, irrigation tube, hose, sypon.
1 Set
Weight Foot Assembly
Machine steel, galvanized, 1000 gr weight, sand reading indicator.
1 Set
Stock Solution
Calcium cloride, glyserin and formaldehyde solution. Supplied in a plastic container (1 ltr).
1 Btl
Carrying Case
Wooden case with handle
1 Pc
Thin Box
Alumunium 60 gr capacity
2 Pcs
Plastic, narrow mouth
1 Pc

Also required, but not part of this set :
RA-218A Sieve No. 4
RA-250 Pan & Cover
RA-747Rubber Gloves

Jual Precission Sample Splitter

Precission Sample Splitter
(item code : RA-122)

Stainless steel, chute width 1/4″ x 32 holes, supplied complete with scoop and pans.

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Gross Weight
: 10 kg