Universal Testing Machine / Alat Uji Tarik besi dan Tekan Beton Digital Dengan atau Tanpa Software

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Universal Testing Machine / UTM / Alat Uji Tarik Besi Tekan Beton

Compression Force Capacity : 150 Tons
Tension Force Capacity : 50 Tons
Double Force Gauge : 10 Inch Diameter
Hydraulic Pump : Electric Single Action 50 / 60 hz 220 v  
Sample Bar Size : 6 - 19 mm Dia disesuaikan 
Sample Plate : 2 x 19 mm / disesuaikan 
ukuran maksimal sample dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan
Concrete Sample : 
Cube Mold 15 x 15 x 15 cm
Cylinder Mold 15 x 30 cm
digital read out ketelitian 1kn

Compression Machine Digital Print Out Dengan Software atau Tanpa Software

Alat Uji Kuat Tekan Beton Digital Print Out
langsung print hasil tanpa software , 
bisa juga pakai software lengkap dengan laptopnya .

150 ton , 200 ton , 300 ton
1500 kn , 2000 kn , 3000 kn

Alternative model of compression machine :
CO-XXX.X-D As specified above, with digital read out
For determining compressive strength of concrete cube 15 x 15 x15 cm or concrete cylinder 15 cm dia. x 30 cn height
Frame Heavy-duty welded steel construction 30 cm
(profile steel columns 10 thick botttom and upper plate)
Hydraulic System
For 2000 kN Cap. Cast iron cylinder,
Hard-chromed piston, 230 mm diameter
Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa
Overall dimension 300 mm dia. x 320 mm height
Single action, gravity return
Hydraulic System
For 3000 kN Cap. Cast iron cylinder,
Hard-chromed piston, 250 mm diameter
Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa
Overall dimension 330 mm dia. x 320 mm height
Single action, gravity return
Hydraulic Pump Electric, 220 V AC, 50-60 HZ, 1000 Watt, 1 Phase
Single action, variable speed
6.000 ml reservoir capacity
Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa
Single action, gravity return
Force Gauge Bourdon tube manometer, 280 mm dial diameter
With maximum load pointer. Steel box housing.
Calibrated by JNK
Platen Upper : 180 x 180 mm, ball seating
Lower : 250 mm diameter
Clearance Horizontal: 290 mm
Vertikal : 310 mm
Dimension 760 x 320 x 1400 mm (l x w x h) approx.
Weight 500 kg
RC-325.3 Compression Machine 1500 kN capacity,
10 kN increments
RC-325.4 Compression Machine 2000 kN capacity,
10 kN increments
RC-325.5 Compression Machine 3000 kN capacity,

20 kN increments

Jual Vibrating Table

Vibrating Table
(item code : RC-410)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 55 x 55 x 85 cm
Gross Weight
: 70 kg

Steel construction 50 x 50 cm table Separated control box, variabel speed up to 3.600 rpm. For compacting aggregate in steel container or concrete sample in cube / cylinder mold.

Jual Slump Test Set

jual alat uji slump beton harga alat slump test

Slump Test Set
(item code : RC-325.4)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 70 x 70 x 50 cm
Gross Weight
: 30 kg

ASTM C-143
For determining slump/workability of concrete both in the laboratory and in the field
Slump Cone
Heavy gauge sheet steel, 4″ top dia., 8″ bottom dia., 12″ height
1 Pc
Inspection Scale
Machine steel, 0-10 cm slump measurement, 1 cm increment
1 Pc
Base Plate
Steel sheet, carryng handle, 600 x 600 x 5 mm
1 Pc
Cast alumunium
1 Pc
Pointed type
1 Pc
Steel wire
1 Pc
Tamping Rod
Machine steel, galvanized 16 mm dia., 600 mm length
1 Pc

Jual Vertical Cylinder Capping Set

Vertical Cylinder Capping Set
(item code : RC-470)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 100 x 60 x 60 cm
Gross Weight
: 35 kg

ASTM C-617
Equipment for forming caps on ends of 15 cm diameter concrete cylinder to provide uniform loading surface for compression test.
Vertical Cylinder Capper
Cast alumunium frame, rotating ground table, for 150 mm dia. concrete cylinder
1 Pc
Capping Compound Warmer
Approx. 3 ltr cap, heating temperature up to 200OC, 220 V-AC
1 Pc
Capping Ladle
Stainless steel ladle, Wooden handle
1 Pc
Cylinder Carrier
Double handle, snap clamp, for 150 mm dia., concrete cylinder
1 Pc
Capping Compound
Powder, approx. 115OC
Pouring temperature
25 kg